Nauti Kat Sailing
S/V Nauti Kat


Weather call: Departure decision for each trip is made at noon on the date of departure after the mid-morning forecast update. Accommodations will be provided aboard for all guests in the case of a delayed departure. We notify every customer of cancellations by telephone, so please make sure the telephone number your provide when booking with us is correct and one that will reach you while traveling. The trip status will be updated on the R.J.’S Charters website, or you may call our office at 850-598-DIVE(3483) to check on trip status. Groups traveling by air or from greater distances should make case-by-case arrangements with us for weather information. If departure is canceled or delayed due to weather or any other circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to mechanical failure, we will have no liability to you other than to refund your payment or issue a voucher for future travel.

Boarding: Gear setup on the back deck may begin at 5:00 pm the day before departure, but no passengers will be allowed inside until boarding time of 7:00 pm. There are no facilities for passengers to wait at the boat prior to boarding, so if you arrive in town early please plan to spend your day seeing the sights.

Diver certification: Divers must plan and execute dives within the limits of their certifications unless the diver is under the DIRECT supervision of an instructor on the dive. If a student is under indirect supervision of the instructor, the Diving Safety Officer shall be made aware of the status of the student before the dive. Divers must present proof of certification to be allowed to dive.

Non-divers: non-divers are always welcome at a reduced price. Snorkeling, Kayaking and Paddle Boarding is allowed.

Release of Liability: All divers and passengers must execute and provide the crew with an originally signed release without modification. PLEASE NOTE THAT the R.J.’S Charters LLC release contains provisions releasing R.J.’S Charters LLC and its related parties from the consequences of its own negligence. Read the release carefully. Divers or passengers without completed release forms will not be taken offshore.

Minors: minor children are not encouraged to join us on our technical diving charters. If you have a minor child who would like to join us, please contact us for a case-by-case evaluation.

Physical Limitations: All divers must be physically capable of performing a giant stride entry from a height of 6 feet above the water. Additionally, all divers must be capable of boarding the vessel after the dive with all dive gear intact, including, but not limited to: mask, fins, BCD with cylinder(s), and weights. Conditions may dictate live boat operations. In that case, there will be no hang lines or gear lines from the boat. A shot line may be tied in, but divers must be able to enter and exit from a non-anchored vessel with all gear attached.

Medical Conditions: any diver with a medical condition which is a contraindication to diving must, upon boarding, provide the crew with an originally signed and dated letter from their doctor on the doctor’s letterhead stating that the doctor understands the consequences of diving with the diver’s specific medical condition and that the diver is medically fit to dive. Standard medical release forms alone will not be accepted. Please contact Divers Alert Network about your medical condition.

Snacks: meals and snacks are provided from 6:00 am until midnight. For sanitary reasons, food and drinks are not allowed below deck. Please encourage your customers to not bring food or drinks to the boat. Personal ice chests, sodas, beer, and glass containers are not allowed on board at all. The coolers and freezers are fully stocked for the charter, so there is no room for anything that needs to be refrigerated or frozen. Vegetarian diets are easily accommodated. Vegan and kosher meals, however, cannot be accommodated aboard the S/V Nauti Kat.


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